My Approach

I like things that work and I like to pay attention to detail. It is what makes the difference. My goal is to find and heal the root cause of your health, life or business problems. True Quantum Healing allows me to do that. It is a thorough and unique system that works to identify and heal what is causing disruption in your life.

My Story

Hi, I am Nicola. My passion is to help people with their health, life and business. I love to do this and I find it incredibly satisfying watching clients feel relief from their health issues and achieve their life and business goals. I feel we are on this earth to do something good and to make a difference in this lifetime. I think there is no better way to do that, than by helping people.

I started out on my journey to where I am today many years ago. I had my own health problems and felt frustrated, seeing no end in sight or resolution through the medical system. After coming home from a doctor’s appointment one day, feeling angry and frustrated, I knew there had to be a better way to solve my health ‘issues’. So, I threw out my prescription and started out on my path. After the birth of my daughter and losing my mother, I wanted to do more to help my family. To keep them healthy and resolve any health issues.

That’s what guided me to where I am today. Helping my family and helping others. More and more people are looking for a different way to resolve their health issues and improve their lives. People are feeling a sense of responsibility. The world is changing and people are changing. It’s up to us to facilitate that change. It’s, ‘We the people, for the people, by the people’.

How can True Quantum Healing help you?

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