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I have been working with Nicola for the past year. Through phone appointments she has helped me to understand many of my health concerns and show me their cause.

She has worked on viruses in my system; ensured a healthy reproductive system in family planning, and also stopped the recurrence of sleep paralysis and nightmares.

In one instance, I had a serious virus in my system which brought on fevers and incredibly painful and swollen joints to the point where I struggled to walk. I found the relief I felt after working with Nicola on this particular occasion astounding - a dramatic and rapid reduction in swelling and discomfort experienced.

I have always found Nicola to be very professional, clear and knowledgeable in her work. I now undertake sessions on an ongoing basis and the benefits I feel are incredible. More energy, a full nights sleep! I would encourage any person seeking to get to the root cause of their issue to work with Nicola. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me so far!

M.G Ireland January 11, 2017

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I was skeptical of healing as a method to stop breastfeeding because I didn't understand it but I was willing to try anything. My daughter was 2 and a half and I was very nervous about trying to stop especially with her new baby sister constantly needing to nurse. I didn't want her to feel like her sister was taking over or upset her in any way. After speaking with Nicola I decided to have her work on my daughter. Having gone through it herself I found Nicola to be very understanding and compassionate and she immediately put me at ease. As I am in a different state we scheduled a time to do the healing over the phone. It was a Sunday morning, Nicola was calm and confident and my concerns melted away, I could not and still cannot believe that it worked, though my daughter occasionally joked about wanting to nurse and wanted to kiss and cuddle them, she never nursed again. Amazing.

Janice P Florida January 11, 2017

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Loved Session

I loved my session with you and I loved the neutralization ring that I purchased. I put it underneath our bed last night on Jeff's side. He didn't know I had put it there. We both had an amazing night sleep, which is unusual for us. I'm ready to buy the gold sun one... i forget what it is called. let me know how I can order that and if there are other products that I can look at. Thank you. Tara

Tara Boston January 23, 2017

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Try it!

Nicola worked on my health several times and I am still amazed by the results. I am a very practical person so I need to "see" things before I can believe it. Her confidence that she could help was a great help and I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. Don't take my word for it. Try it and you will be amazed by the results. Don't let fear get in the way of your health and happiness!

January 24, 2017

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Thanks again

Hi Nicola, I just wanted to tell you the pain in my husbands foot is pretty much gone, it was starting to get pretty bad. And the fungus in one of his nails is starting to clear up! Thanks again!

Della April 23, 2017

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Neck Problems

My neck feels a lot better! Not 100%, but much improved. Before the session I'd say I was at about 40% and now I feel about 70%. which is good. I went to my chiropractor today and he couldn't believe the improvement in my neck. I may do another session next month.

Troy November 27, 2017

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Pure Peace & Relaxation

I had the pleasure of experiencing a True Quantum Healing with Nicola Kehoe Barbosa. I had such received a cancer diagnosis and was  filled with anxiety. Through Nicola's soothing energy and the power of the Quantum Healing I was able to release my anxiety and reach a state of pure peace and relaxation. Nicola is a caring, compassionate healer. I would suggest people to give Quantum Healing a try.

Patricia Boston December 6, 2017

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Give True Quantum Healing a go

With Nicola and true quantum healing we worked on a few of my problems and I found that it really helped. If you have problems that you want to work on and feel like you need help, I suggest that you give  Nicola a go and give true quantum energy healing a go. I found that it really helped me. So, you may be surprised and delighted with the results. I highly recommend Nicola because she is focused, she is determined and she has a huge heart and she will do her best to get to the root of the problem and she works quite fast aswell. I highly recommend her.

Carmel December 6, 2017

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Amazed at the wonderful results!

Nicola has helped my family and I to heal in many areas of our health and well-being.  So far, we have each had four sessions and the results have been really apparent.
I have had women’s monthly discomfort for at least ten years now, and it has gotten very unbearable at times.  In the past I had visited my doctor, and she said that it sounded like I had menorrhagia.  She did not offer me a solution but told me all the foods that may trigger it, which included sugar, salt, and caffeine.  The only advice she offered me was to take pain medication.  I was very disappointed to hear this.
Fast forward to early this year (2018), I learned about the True Quantum Healing Method through my sister, whom had come across it.  She connected with Nicola and both of us, as well as our three other family members were on our way to begin our healing journey!
I have experienced a very big change in the way that I have been feeling with my monthly discomfort.  From the moment I was having the session, I felt a tingling sensation in the area that was being healed.  The time that my monthly occurred, the intensity of the discomfort had vastly decreased and I felt like I could function better.  I had also felt myself be more anxious and worrisome during the last couple of years.  Those feelings have lessened significantly, and I have sensed a stronger feeling of calmness and peace within me throughout my day.
My other three family members that I have done sessions for have seen very positive results with intense migraine headaches, anxiety, anger, trouble sleeping, nightmares, sadness, loss of a loved one, and worries/fears.
I am very amazed at the wonderful results my family and I have experienced.  It is all through the power of intent and Source (God).  Overall, I am thankful to have come across this healing method and to have met Nicola.  She is awesome at what she does!

Becky March 10, 2018

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I stopped drinking

Chris Kehler recommended Nicola to me. I’ ve had a problem with alcoholism for years. I have tried several different modalities to stop drinking (beer).  The last before True Quantum Healing  was several hypnosis
sessions. All the different modilities I tried didn’t last long I always started started drinking again. It took two sessions with Nicola and I stopped drinking. If I have a desire to drink I just tell myself no don”t want it. Thank
you Nicola.

March 10, 2018

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I am really blessed(as my mom would say) to have met such an amazing woman like Nicola. She has a way of being a friend that you've known for years and a guide that leads you down a path that will ultimately change your life for the better.

Due to such a positive experience that I had I made my mom and two sisters go through the quantum healing journey as well. My mom and I are based in South Africa, my one sister is in China and the other one is in Turkey all different parts of the world yet the healing was intense for all of us. There were times when things got hectic after the session and I had to ask for clarity and she would help me and would encourage me to seek her out if I had questions.

She really has a passion for what she does and is an Amazing healer.

Nicola you've helped my family so much continue to heal other families all over the world.


Lee-Anne K. April 12, 2018

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Very grateful!

I am incredibly grateful to have had Nicola work on me when trying to conceive our first child. She ensured that everything was as it should be and I now have a beautiful little girl to show for it! She not only worked with my physical body but also in preparation for labour to have a healthy mind. After labour I continued my sessions with Nicola and she worked on healing a specific trauma that had occurred during childbirth. I will be eternally grateful and I will be continuing my sessions to keep my body healthy for future family planning.

Molly B April 16, 2018

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Thank u!

My son is now doing great! Thank you so much for assisting in the saving of my baby & his jeopardized soul. I am forever grateful.

Dianna M. April 16, 2018

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Felt lighter and happier

Nicola has worked on me for different problems and has helped with all of them. Being stressed out due to work and all life's obstacles, after a session with Nicola everything just lifted and I felt lighter and happier. Nicola also worked on pain in the right side of my body, it turned out to be pinched nerves and the pain went away in minutes. I contacted her one day due to excruciating pain in my stomach and while she was working on me during our session, I could feel the knot unwinding in my stomach and the pain going away. I still don't fully understand how it works, but I know it works and that's all that matters.

June 18, 2018

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My Sesh with Nicola

I am 4 days out from my session with Nicola and still feeling the shifts. Nicola confirmed with the language of her healing modality, what I already knew, what I was suspecting and stuff I didnt know at all was happening in me. I am a shaman/healer who speaks a different language than the Quantum technique, but it doesnt matter because Nicola goes into the crazy sci-"fi" stuff that isnt fiction at all. Like pieces of your essence being held in another location by "aliens" or shadow beings. The crazy stuff beyond our vision that goes on beneath our conscious awareness in the "space between spaces" has always been more real to me, and this is where this modality goes, and its wonderful because she locates it and then dissolves it. I think its realistic to say much can be cleared in one session and also it may take several sessions because our psyche can fight for its pain like Stockholm Syndrome, so you may need to book a few. I know I will be returning for more sessions, but I loved what I got confirmed within my being by Nicola as well as her help in clearing this filth out. She is very mellow, which I think assists in the subject matter of her work (which is not mellow) and she is obviously very caring to dedicate her time to helping us clear these very very obscure realities within the vastness of our own personal matrix and I am grateful. I recommend you book a session if you are open minded and sensitive enough to handle what you may find out and to get rid of it once and for all......Do it! 🙂

Leela W. December 5, 2018

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I just had a session with Nicola and the results are beyond amazinnngg! I am not coughing anymore and I know feel like a million bucks (loads of energy) and my partner is being really nice to me...I am in shock! THANK YOU Nicola!!!

Elizabeth January 7, 2019

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Truly Amazing Experience

Truly Blessed by her passion...She uncovered so much....Profound Transformations...Forever Grateful!

Louis Joseph Phillips January 9, 2019

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Highly recommend

I suddenly became accident prone and was wondering what was happening to me. The last fall took almost a year to recover from. Nicola was able to do a clearing that resulted in me getting my life back to normal. Many thanks, Nicola, many thanks.

Michelle February 9, 2019

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Good job.

Nicola cleared dangerous Radon from my lungs and home in one session and made good progress to cleaning poisons from my thyroid.

Andrew UK March 2, 2019

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Full of wisdom and truly remarkable!

If you are searching for an experienced, professional healer, you have come to the right place! After having worked with multiple healers, i’ve found that Nicola’s techniques are truly unique and 100% effective. I will be continuing my work with Nicola and would recommend her services to anyone seeking alternative treatment. She’s just all around great!

VMB September 12, 2019

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