What is True Quantum Healing?

What is True Quantum Healing?

More and more people are opening up to the world of energy healing. Chances are, a friend or a family member of yours has tried some kind of healing modality. People are becoming more consciously aware and looking for another method to improve their life and health.

The healing modality that I use to help clients is True Quantum Healing. It was developed and mastered by world reknown healer, Chris Kehler from Winnipeg, Canada.

How does True Quantum Healing work?

Quantum is the smallest measurable amount of light particles or energy. Everything in and around us and our bodies is made up of light or stardust. The light particles that make up our bodies have consciousness. When you harness that consciousness and you know how to do it, with certain tools and certain intent, the consciousness itself at the light particle level makes adjustments in your body to remove a health problem. Basically, we are dealing with consciousness, dealing with something that wants us to improve our health.


True Quantum Healing is a two-part system.

(1). The ancient art of pendulum dowsing along with a series of in depth charts.

Within the charts I use, every system of the human body and aura is detailed. Also, every possible health problem or what I refer to as ‘stressor’ is listed. This allows me to pinpoint with my pendulum exactly what area of the body is affected and what is causing the problem. For example, if you have a skin problem, I will identify what is causing your skin problem and the effected area – be it a parasite, virus, or negative energy. I will then use Krystaline energy tools (sacred geometry) to neutralize the stressor. We are energetic beings and everything in the body vibrates at its own frequency. A health problem also carries a frequency. Basically, True Quantum Healing shatters the frequency of the health problem.

(2). Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry means ‘the sacred measure of the earth’. It’s power and importance has been taught in every great spiritual tradition in the world. You can see evidence of sacred geometry everywhere around you, from the food you eat, within nature, within cities, to within your body. Everything in creation is based on sacred geometry. Simply put, sacred geometry is a shape, to which nature gives a specific power. The sacred geometry tools that I use (Krystaline energy tools) hold a certain shape and power and play a very important role in healing. They are used to remove the frequency of the health problem at the quantum level within the energy of your body, through the power of intent.

True Quantum Healing can be used on any health problem. There are two aspects to dealing with health problems – a spiritual and a physical component. The spiritual component could be an emotion or a spirit or negative entity. The physical component could be a virus/bacteria or a mineral problem for example. I keep an open mind to what is causing a health problem, anything is possible.

To sum up, I combine the charts and pendulum dowsing to find the health problem or ‘stressor’ and the area of the body affected. I then use sacred geometry tools and the power of intent to shatter the frequency of that health problem.

Do you want to know how True Quantum Healing can help you? Do you want to experience how True Quantum healing can help you? Email me with any questions or go to my appointments page to book a session!

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